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Affiliate Program Orientation Guide


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Affiliate Orientation Guide

The Affiliate Program pays a generous commission on...

Add to that...

The result?

The Best Affiliate Program on the Net...

One that goes way beyond income-generation.

The Affiliate Program builds equity for you, our partner-in-sales.

1. Introduction

There are three ways to make money in this world...
The Five Pillars, combined with your motivation and energy, will help you build a profitable affiliate business. And what are these pillars?

The Affiliates are...
  1. best-of-breed line of products to help folks build successful online businesses
  2. high first-purchase commission
  3. bonus lifetime commissions on all purchases by customers originally referred by you
  4. lifetime commission based on the earnings of your entire team of affiliates
  5. limited number of affiliates -- "too many affiliates spoil the program!"
And, most importantly, the Affiliates are all set in solid rock. That solid rock is our promise, in writing in the Affiliate Agreement, that we will never unfairly terminate or modify the Agreement.

Quality is the other key reason why your Affiliate business will be successful. Many people join affiliate programs that sell overpriced products, just to make a quick score -- of course, a quick demise is sure to follow.

This is definitely not the case with SiteSell products. You will be proud to recommend them to other people. The SiteSell brand OVERdelivers with outstanding value. For a reasonable and affordable price, SiteSell empowers small business owners to truly win on the Web.

As Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist and philanthropist, said...

The surest foundation... is quality.

All of this adds up to the first, and most important, pillar of our Affiliate Program... a best-of-breed line of e-business-building solutions to help people succeed online. Your success is our long-term business.

This short document presents an overview of the structure of the Affiliate Program and its accounting procedures.

Ready to begin? Let's go...

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